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AZ-P1 “First Edition”

AZ-P1 First Edition
AZ-P1 “First Edition”AZ-P1 “First Edition”AZ-P1 “First Edition”AZ-P1 “First Edition”AZ-P1 “First Edition”AZ-P1 “First Edition”

AZ-P1 “First Edition”

The AZ-P1 is a semi-automatic sport pistol with a combined single action/double action trigger mechanism (SA/DA) and locked breech (locking is realised via the barrel to the ejection port).





Price without VAT: 998 EUR

Recommended retail price: 1 220 EUR
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  • outstanding accuracy
  • maximum reliability
  • high durability
  • breech locks via the barrel to the ejection port
  • excellent ergonomics – customisable – various types of backstraps and grips 
  • ambidextrous controls to enable right and left-handed operation
  • combined single action/double action trigger mechanism (SA/DA)
  • easy disassembly and reassembly of the pistol
  • last round fired signalisation – the slide stays open – slide locked back 
  • safety features: manual safety, safety notch, automatic firing pin safety (drop safety) – firing pin block
  • frame fitted with a mounting rail for attaching accessories
  • high-quality LPA fibre optic sights, adjustable for windage and elevation 
  • high-quality high capacity 17 round MEC-GAR magazine

This pistol features a number of excellent ergonomic and functional characteristics, such as: 

  • massive all-metal construction (steel and aluminium alloy – both are machined)
  • high-quality bull barrel
  • front and rear slide serrations, fine-tuned to allow secure purchase under any conditions
  • large ejection port for the easier checking of the chamber
  • extractor also serves as a loaded chamber indicator
  • ergonomic serrations on the hammer for ease of manipulation
  • takedown pin stays in the frame after disassembly, eliminating the possibility of loss
  • ambidextrous ergonomic and serrated slide stop
  • ambidextrous wide ergonomic thumb safeties serving as thumb rests in the course of firing
  • elliptical ergonomic undercut of the frame below the thumb safeties serving as a potential thumb rest during the course of firing 
  • magazine catch easily reversible or replaceable for another unit
  • large and contoured beavertail for a good grip as high as possible in relation to the bore axis
  • squared and checkered backstraps for a good purchase
  • squared grips for a good and clearly defined purchase
  • ideally shaped large trigger with a fine groove in the centre for a positive and accurate trigger pull
  • large spacious trigger guard with checkering at the front and bottom
  • ergonomic undercut of the frame by the trigger guard base for a good grip as high as possible in relation to the bore axis
  • front strap checkering 
  • clearly defined trigger finger rest on both sides of the frame
  • possibility to choose a frame with an accessory rail or a smooth frame without it
  • ergonomically contoured magazine floor plate – slightly curved in the front portion to provide for a finger rest and recessed at the sides for ease of manipulation
  • well-legible and marked witness holes at the rear side of the magazine for 5, 10, 15 and 17 rounds

The AZ-P1 is the basic starting model, which may be modified and adjusted in various ways to make new models, custom tailored to each customer.